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We help you choose the model that suits your needs for a shorter or longer trip! Feel free to ask for help! Also check out the most frequently asked questions below. You can see rental prices and availability in the reservation system.

Before renting

Who owns the cars?

The cars are either owned by the company itself or owned by a finance company.

Where is the car picked up and returned to?

Heinäsuontie 6, 37830 Akaa

Can cars be rented monthly?

Yes. If you want to make a particularly long rental, then contact us directly and we will make a customized offer.

Why is a reservation/deposit fee of 300.00e charged before renting?

The security deposit has the same purpose as the rent security for apartments. Subsequent costs are withheld from the customer after the car has been returned, if the car is returned in poor condition, e.g. untidy or in such a way that something has been broken/broken. In addition, costs exceeding the rental deposit can be charged as a contractual penalty in accordance with the rental conditions, e.g. if there has been smoking inside the car.

Are the cars insured during the trip and what is the car insurance deductible?

Yes. The cars have comprehensive comprehensive insurance through LähiTapiola and the insurance always has a 1200e deductible.

Can I bring pets on the trip?

You can take one dog from one to two motorhomes (Adria Coral and Chausson V697), but pets are prohibited on the Adria Matrix. Other pets are prohibited. Each dog is also considered on a case-by-case basis, and the lessor ultimately has the power to make the final decision whether or not to bring the dog on the trip. Case-by-case judgment is used here.

Do cars have isofix mounts for car seats?

Both cars have two isofix seats (Adria Matrix J. Edition and Sunlight Cliff 600 Citroen). Two other cars (Adria Coral, Chausson V697) do not have isofixes.

Is the customer's driver's license checked before leaving?

Yes. The customer renting the car must have a valid b driver's license.

Is the pricing always the same?

No. In the summer high season from June to the end of August, the seasonal pricing is more expensive, while in the fall from the beginning of September onwards, the fall/spring season pricing is much more affordable.

When is the rental paid?

The car rental is paid at the time of booking immediately via our online service, and after that there are no additional costs for the customer if the mileage during the trip is not exceeded and the car is returned in a clean condition intact in accordance with the rental conditions.

What kind of car seat is available?

We have a Britax safe-way M car seat available for rent. The car seat is installed in the rear-facing direction.

The seat is suitable for children 9-36 kg up to 125 cm.

This child seat can be secured with the car's three-point seat belt. The safety belt guides included in the safety seat help to fasten the seat correctly. SAFE-WAY M – product-specific requirements: The safety of the attachment is ensured by the support leg and the lower Tether attachment points, which keep the seat firmly in place.

The seat was purchased new in April 2024.

During the rental period

If the car is rented from the couple only in the name of one party, can the other party also drive the car during the trip?

Yes, you can, but both drivers' licenses are checked before leaving and the customer who rented the car in their name is mainly responsible for it during the rental period.

Can I travel abroad by car?

Yes. You can travel abroad for an additional fee. EU countries, Scandinavia, etc. are ok. Russia and Belarus prohibited. Case-by-case judgment is also used in these.

Which driver's licenses can you drive cars with?

All our rental cars can be driven with a B card.

What additional costs can the tenant incur during the trip?

Road use fees, tolls, ferry fees, tunnel fees, speeding fines, parking fines, etc. are all expenses that the tenant is responsible for.

What if the car breaks down during the trip and is left on the side of the road?

If it is an emergency/accident, call 112 and act as required by the emergency. If it is not an emergency situation, efforts are made to avoid further accidents and the car is left in the safest possible place by the side of the road and, if necessary, the police/emergency service and the lessor are contacted. Road service will tow the car to the nearest repair shop so that the journey can continue as quickly as possible. Note the rental does not include a replacement car in the event of an accident, and the renter must take care of the continuation of his trip on his own if the car cannot be repaired quickly. However, the lessor tries to help the customer in the continuation of the trip as far as possible.

Can the car be re-rented?

Under no circumstances.

What if the car's kilometers are exceeded during the rental period?

An additional charge of €0.25 per kilometer is charged for exceeding the kilometers

After renting

Does the car have to be fully refueled when returning it?

Yes. This applies to both the diesel tank and the AD blue tank.

Does the car need to be cleaned before return?

Yes. The car must be in the same condition as the interior when the car is picked up.

What should be taken care of/remembered before returning the car?
  • Thorough final cleaning of the car
  • Fill her up
  • Emptying the toilet cassette
  • Emptying the gray water tank
What is the car pickup/return location?

Heinäsuontie 6, 37830 Akaa

Can I get a refund for the paid car rental if I return the car early before the end of the rental?

Must not. The reserved rental period will be charged in full. Only 300.00e reservation fee is returned to the customer at the end of the rental early if the car is in good condition and clean.

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