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Rental terms and conditions –

These terms and conditions apply to the rental agreement of the motorhome/camping vehicle rented through the service between Raita Capital Oy and the customer. The owner and lessor party of the service and the cars is the company Raita Capital Oy (3173947-3).

When the customer rents a motorhome through the service, he pays the rent, the reservation fee and at the same time accepts these rental conditions with a strong identification that confirms the rental of the car. After this, the rental is binding and cannot be canceled without a compelling reason.

1. Contracting parties

The following terms and conditions apply between the lessor, Raita Capital Oy (Heinäsuontie 6, 37830 Akaa) Business ID: 3173947-3 and the person renting the car/customer. The sale/lease agreement is created between the customer renting the car and the company Raita Capital Oy, which owns the car. The car rental company is responsible for all the lessor's obligations related to the rental.

2. Terms of delivery and return of the vehicle

a) The lessor hands over the vehicle cleaned at the reserved time, fully fueled, equipped and ready for use in all respects to the customer at the start of the rental. In addition, the lessor provides the customer with a user guide/introduction of the car's functions before handing over the car.

b) The car pick-up and return location is Heinäsuontie 6, 37830 Akaa. The pick-up and return date of the car is always separately agreed and the car is always returned to the above address. The pick-up and return times of the cars are specific to the vehicle and can be seen by the customer when making a reservation in the online service. A late fee of €100.00 will be charged to the customer for returning the vehicle late.

It is not possible to store your own car at the pick-up point, there is a public free parking area within walking distance where you can park your own car if necessary at your own risk.

c) The lessee undertakes to return the car to the lessor at the end of the lease agreement at the agreed delivery place/company location within the agreed time. The lessor is not responsible for the weather conditions, but the customer must reserve enough time to return the car on time, taking into account the weather conditions.

d) The vehicle is inspected at the start and end of the rental relationship by the lessor.

e) If the customer does not return the vehicle at the end of the rental period and the extension of the rental agreement has not been agreed with the lessor, the matter will be reported to the police and the customer will have to compensate the lessor for the stolen vehicle, fraud and breach of contract of the fair value of the vehicle + 50% and will be held criminally liable if the vehicle is not returned .

f) Extending the rental period is possible if the booking situation allows it and it must be agreed with the lessor on a case-by-case basis. The reservation status can change during the reservation and the extension of the rental period must be done as soon as possible, preferably by phone.

g) The lessor has the right not to hand over the car if it appears that the customer is not capable of using the vehicle in accordance with the rental conditions. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the person driving the car has a valid B driver's license and has sufficient experience and driving skills to use the car properly and safely.

h) The renter's driver's license/personal information will be checked before the car is handed over to the renter.

j) The renter must fill up the car's diesel tank before returning the car at the end of the rental period.

h) The vehicle is always returned, cleaned inside, in the same clean condition as it was when it was handed over to the customer. In addition, the car must be fully refueled, the toilet cartridge and gray water tank emptied and intact in all respects, and the equipment/tools that belong to the car's equipment must be stored. If the car has to be cleaned and ozonated due to the renter's untidy and careless behavior, an additional fee of €300.00 will be charged.

3. Rental period & rental agreement

a) The minimum rental period is always three days and all rentals are made electronically through the service.

The customer reserves the rental period in advance and the rental agreement is finally confirmed when the customer pays the rent and the 300€ reservation/deposit fee in connection with the reservation and accepts the rental conditions through the service. The €300 security deposit is returned to the customer at the end of the rental.

b) Measures related to putting the car into use are included in the rental period. Invoicing for the rental period takes place according to the reserved time, and no refund is paid to the customer, even if the customer returns the vehicle before the end of the rental period.

c) Extending the rental period in the middle of the rental period requires that the vehicle is available. The rental period must be extended before the end of the original rental period. The reservation extension is charged according to the price list as if it were a separate new reservation.

d) Operating kilometers of the vehicle during the rental period. The car is reserved for 1,500 driving kilometers per rental week and shorter rentals. For additional kilometers, the customer will be charged 0.25€/km retroactively .

e) The customer signs/accepts the rental agreement for the reserved rental period through the service and pays the rental at the time of booking.

4. Use of the vehicle and restrictions on use

a) Maintenance. The lessor takes care of the car's periodic maintenance in the long term. However, the renting customer is responsible for the car's daily maintenance, cleaning and overall daily maintenance for the duration of the rental relationship. Daily service and maintenance includes, for example;

- Refueling the car

- Adding water

- Emptying the toilet cassette,

- Emptying the gray water tank

- Adding AD-blue solution

- Maintaining the cleanliness of the interior of the car, cleaning & washing

- Monitoring and adding the amount of coolant and windshield washer fluid if necessary

- Monitoring the amount of oil and adding it if necessary

- Monitoring and reacting to the car's warning codes/indicators immediately

- Tire pressure control and increase/decrease if necessary.

b) The customer is obliged to take care of the vehicle as well as a careful person takes care of his own and to observe special care and caution when driving. The customer undertakes to use the vehicle only as intended. In the event of a disturbance or accident, the emergency center and the lessor must be notified immediately as soon as possible.

c) The customer undertakes to drive the car himself and may not let it be driven by a third party.

d) Re-renting the car is strictly prohibited.

e) Using the vehicle for illegal purposes, competitions, driving lessons and driving on ice is prohibited.

d) If the car is left unattended even for a moment, it must be locked.

f) The lessor is not responsible for fines if traffic safety is violated/speeding is exceeded while driving the car.

g) The lessor is not responsible for road tolls, ferry fees, parking fees, etc., additional expenses incurred during the trip that may be incurred by using the car while traveling. These costs are the responsibility of the renter and they can be billed retroactively if the company that rented the car is billed for them afterwards.

h) Smoking in the vehicle is strictly prohibited. If the customer does not comply with this prohibition, the lessor has the right to charge a fine of €500.00 for the breach of contract.

i) If the machine breaks down, the lessor does not offer the lessee a spare vehicle in place of the broken one for the duration of the repair, but tries to repair the damage as quickly as possible and return the same repaired vehicle to the lessee as quickly as possible.

5. Traveling by vehicle abroad

a) Traveling by car outside the borders of Finland is allowed for an additional fee. The lessee also informs the lessor of the route/destination countries in advance and requests their approval.

b) It is allowed to travel by car in the Nordic countries, EU and EEA countries, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Travel to Iceland and Great Britain is not allowed.

c) Traveling to Russia and Belarus by car is strictly prohibited under all circumstances.

d) The tenant is responsible at his own expense for all additional travel costs that may arise from traveling abroad, such as e.g. tolls, ferry fees, etc.

e) In addition to the rent, the lessor will charge the tenant separately for the expenses arising from the Green Card.

f) Finnish motor insurance is automatically valid in the Nordic countries, EU and EEA countries as well as Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

6. Pets

a) Only dogs are allowed in cars reserved for them for an additional fee of €10/day. However, the lessor has the right to refuse to take a pet into the car after signing the rental agreement, if there is reason to suspect that the animal is a danger to the car's surfaces and can cause damage there. In this case, the additional fee charged for the pet will also be returned to the customer.

b) Pets other than those agreed in advance may not be brought into the car.

c) The tenant is responsible for compensation for possible damages caused by pets and they will be collected from the paid €300.00 security deposit if they occur. If the damages exceed more than €300.00, the exceeding amount is the right to collect against receipts from the tenant also afterwards.

d) Car insurances do not cover damage to car equipment/surfaces caused by pets.

7. The customer's liability for compensation

a) The customer is obliged to compensate for damages caused to the vehicle and its equipment during the rental period, at a minimum, the deductible portion of the comprehensive insurance and the entire damage, if the vehicle's own insurance or e.g. the other party's traffic insurance does not cover the damage. The deductible for comprehensive insurance is €1,200.00 for traffic accidents in collisions and €200.00 for other traffic accidents. Damages caused intentionally or through negligence must always be compensated in full and can also result in criminal liability.

In addition, the customer is also obliged to compensate the costs caused by the downtime. If the customer embezzles the rented vehicle without returning it and thus commits fraud, the customer has to compensate the vehicle's fair value + 50% for the breach of contract.

b) If the customer causes damage to another vehicle, the customer undertakes to pay the damage caused to the other party to the extent that the traffic insurance does not cover it. At a minimum, the customer pays the excess.

c) The customer is responsible for all civil and criminal legal and official fees resulting from using the car, such as speeding fines and traffic fines as well as parking violation fees. If the customer does not pay the fine, civil or criminal charge with its original invoice, the lessor has the right to notify the customer's information to the payer of the fine, civil or criminal charge.

d) The customer is obliged to compensate the cleaning and cleaning costs due to unusual soiling of the vehicle, if they appear during the final inspection of the car. The lessor has the right to charge a €200 final cleaning/breach of contract fee, which is deducted from the €300.00 security deposit paid by the customer.

e) In cases of key loss, the lessor will charge the customer €300.00 compensation for the costs of ordering a new key.

f) If the damage caused to the vehicle or the lessor is the result of the customer's willfulness, gross negligence, using the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances, or using the vehicle in a prohibited manner, or because the customer has otherwise substantially violated the terms of this agreement, the customer is obliged to compensate the damage in full. The customer is released from the liability for compensation if the lessor receives full compensation based on the other party's traffic insurance or from the person who caused the damage.

8. Found goods

The lessor is not responsible for property left in the vehicle. You can, however, inquire about found goods by email at or by phone +358400879377.

9. Booking and payment

a) The customer makes a reservation through the service, pays the rent at the time of booking and a reservation fee/deposit of €300.00 (VAT 0%) in addition to the rent, which will be returned to him at the end of the rental relationship. Only payment of the reservation fee and rent and acceptance of the rental conditions confirm the reservation. The payment is made through the Paytrail payment service and different payment methods are available such as online bank payment, mobile payment methods, card payment and invoice. More information about payment in the next section b.

b) Information about payment

Paytrail is a safe payment method for you. We have a payment institution license granted by the Financial Supervisory Authority. The service is maintained by Paytrail Oyj (business ID 2122839-7), and it is part of the Nets family.

The Paytrail payment forwarding service forwards your payment to the merchant. If your bank statement or credit card bill shows Paytrail Oyj, we have forwarded your payment.

The online store acts as a marketer of products and services and as a supplier of products to the customer. The online store takes care of the legal obligations related to the sale as well as other obligations defined by itself. If you want to make a complaint or return a product, you should contact the online store from which the product was ordered directly.

When an online store uses Paytrail's payment service, you can find a description of the service on their website, for example delivery terms.

c) Payment service provider

Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) operates as the payment intermediary service provider and in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Oyj appears as the recipient of the payment on the bank statement or card invoice and forwards the payment to the merchant. Paytrail Oyj has a payment institution license. In cases of complaints, we ask that you first contact the supplier of the product.

Paytrail Oyj, business ID: 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä

d) Payment methods

Bank charges

You can use the payment buttons of all Finnish banks either based on the eBanking interfaces or open banking interfaces offered by the banks. You can pay with the payment buttons of Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpankki, Osuuspankki, POP bank, Säästöpankki, S-banken and Ålandsbanken. Your bank statement shows Paytrail Oyj as the payee, we forward your payment to the online retailer. From the online store, you will be directed directly to your own bank to make the payment securely.

Credit card payments

You can pay in the online store with Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Debit Mastercard and American Express cards. The online store uses the international Verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode and American Express SafeKey authentication services.

Paytrail Oyj appears as the recipient of the payment on the card invoice and forwards the payment card payment paid by the customer directly to the merchant. Card payment is made using a securely protected payment form, and the payment card information is not stored in the online store's systems.

Mobile payment methods

Mobile payment methods Pivo, MobilePay and Siirto are services that work in the application, with which you can pay for online purchases as a bank transfer from your account or as a card payment from your card by accepting the payment in the application in question.

Pivo also accepts Siirto payments, which means that the payment can be accepted in any application that supports Siirto. Apple Pay is a service that works on an Apple device, which allows you to pay for purchases with a payment card connected to the device.


Terms of use are available on Pivo's website.

Pivo's terms of use


The terms and conditions are available on MobilePay's website.
MobilePay terms and conditions


Conditions applicable to transfer payments:
OP's general euro payment terms (.pdf)
Terms of use of the transfer service at Nordea (.pdf)

Apple Pay
Terms of use are available on Apple's website.
Apple Pay terms of use

Invoice and installment services

Invoicing and installment services via Paytrail are offered by OP, Walley and Jousto. Walley also offers an invoice and installment option for business customers.

Please read the specific terms and conditions specific to the financing company, which you will see when you accept the payment. When you accept the payment, you also accept the finance company's terms and conditions.

Walley's general invoicing and installment payment terms for companies (.pdf)

Walley's general invoicing, account credit and installment payment terms (.pdf)

Standard European consumer credit information (.pdf)

Read more:


Jousto product description (.pdf)

Read more:

OP Invoice
Terms of OP Invoice credit agreement (.pdf)
OP Invoice product description for consumers (.pdf)
OP Invoice product description for the merchant (.pdf)
Read more:

OP Account credit

OP Tililuoto's terms and conditions of the credit agreement (.pdf)

OP Tililuoto product description (.pdf)

Read more:

Alisa Company invoice

Information about Alisa Yritylasku (invoicing and installment payment service aimed at companies)

10. Pricing and security deposit

a) Pricing

The pricing of the rental agreement is always weekly and the lessor party is responsible for the pricing. Pricing can vary with the seasons of the year, and the customer can see the current pricing at . The final breakdown of costs (including VAT) for the rental period appears when paying at the end of the reservation. In addition to the rent, additional services are available, which are priced separately. These are listed below;

Additional services pricing policy;

§ Traveling abroad €100.00/week (all)

§ Pet/dog €70/week (only ZKM-338 and GPF-572)

§ Child's SMS car seat €49.00/week (all)

§ Caravan grill €15/rental (all)

§ Unlimited kilometers during rental €100.00/week (all)

b) Security deposit

When booking, the customer pays a rental deposit of €300 (not including VAT) before renting the car. Any additional costs incurred by the tenant for violating/not complying with the terms of the rental agreement, such as not doing the final cleaning, are deducted from the security deposit. If the costs to be reimbursed are more than the paid rental deposit of €300.00, the portion of the excess costs will be invoiced to the customer retroactively. The security deposit is returned to the customer at the end of the rental, if the car is returned clean and in good condition according to the conditions.

11. Making a reservation and cancellation conditions

a) The reservation/rental is made and paid for electronically at

b) The rental must be canceled no later than 2 weeks before the start of the rental, so that no costs are charged. Cancellations have a 14-day cancellation right according to the normal Consumer Protection Act.

c) A reservation/rental agreement made well in advance cannot be canceled within 14 days before the reservation starts without a compelling reason, such as, for example, a sudden serious illness of the customer. You must also be able to prove the compelling reason with e.g. a medical certificate. If the reservation/rental is canceled within 14 days before the start of the reservation without a compelling reason, e.g. due to the customer's change of heart, the lessor will retain the entire paid rent and only return the €300 security deposit to the customer if the cancellation is not included in the 14-day cancellation period according to the Consumer Protection Act.

12. Value added tax

All rental prices include 24% value added tax, excluding the €300.00 reservation fee, which does not include value added tax.