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Good to know before you go

Are you still not familiar with the ins and outs of motorhome driving? If you're worried about the car's features and usage requirements when you're considering RVing, don't worry! We offer comprehensive training for the use of both rental and own motorhomes. I promise that motorhome driving is possible for anyone, as long as they get to know how to use a car.

With comprehensive training, you will know how to enjoy your trip to the fullest. We are at your side during the trip and ready to solve any problems or questions. If you have questions about campers, camper vans or renting or buying them, don't hesitate to contact us - we'll be happy to tell you more.

Getting to know the Advantages and Possibilities of a motorhome

The absolute advantage of RVing is freedom. You can drive wherever you want and stay where you want - whether it's close to tourist attractions, hobby spots or nature. You have complete freedom to stay at the destination as long as you want, without schedules or pre-booked accommodation. The freedom of travel is real.

Self-reliance allows you to move on your own terms. You can use the motorhome or camping car independently without the need for external electricity. The batteries charge while you drive, and the car's devices run on LPG, so running water and other amenities are always available to you.

Traveling by motorhome allows for a quiet moment in the forest or by the lake, while you can experience community in the campsites. For children, motorhome driving is a party, and for others it offers memorable experiences. Comfort is guaranteed thanks to the kitchen, automatic heating, toilet and shower.

A motorhome offers space to move and relax when compared to passenger cars. The registration enables the transport of several persons, and the beds accommodate several persons. You can take plenty of stuff with you, avoiding extra packing and unpacking. Economically, motorhome driving makes sense, saving on accommodation and food costs.

Motorhome driving is effortless, and modern cars are easy to use. Even first timers can handle them. You will receive clear instructions and support via the telephone hotline in case of any questions. We promise to make your trip comfortable and effortless for you and your party

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