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Viisi vinkkiä onnistuneeseen matkailuauton vuokraukseen

Five tips for a successful motorhome rental

    Do you need advice on choosing a rental car?
    In order to have a pleasant travel experience, it is worth taking a few things into account during the booking phase.
  1. The right kind of car. Are you traveling alone or with your family? This has a lot to do with what kind of car you should rent. When traveling alone or in pairs, a smaller camper van that is agile enough to move even on smaller roads is sufficient. When traveling with a family or a larger group, it is good to rent a larger motorhome so that everyone can move around in the car.
  2. Adequate equipment. Cars rented from Fintraveller automatically have kitchen supplies ready (cutlery, plates, mugs, pots, etc.). There are a few picnic chairs and picnic tables ready in the cars.
  3. Sleeping arrangements. When booking a car for a larger group, you should prefer cars with a bed that can be lowered from the roof. The fold-down bed saves time and thus the car's food group is immediately ready for use in the morning, when the bed can be raised by pressing a button.
  4. Unlimited mileage. Each car rental includes a certain number of driving kilometers. However, if the intention is to drive more, it is advisable to include unlimited kilometers in the trip already at the booking stage, so that you don't have to think about it during the trip.
  5. Age and condition of the car. Traveling in a newer car can bring extra comfort and safety to the trip. In order to achieve a pleasant travel experience, it is worth investing in the type of car you rent.
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