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Rent your car with us

We also acquire motorhomes for re-rental. If you have a motorhome that is empty as a pledge, you need additional income, and you don't want/can't afford to rent a car yourself, then offer your vehicle to us. We will make a financial offer to rent your car for a fixed period, if the car is suitable for it.

By renting your car to us

  • You get a secure rental income from your car without uncertainty about demand
  • You save your own time without the work related to renting
  • You also make your car earn money instead of constant expenses
  • You make your life easier

We take care of the maintenance, repairs and cleaning of the car during re-renting. We do all this, we guarantee you a secure monthly rental income and you have more time for other things.

Insuring a car in re-rental operations. The car's own insurances (traffic insurance + comprehensive insurance) remain valid because they cannot be transferred to the re-leasing company, but we, as a re-leasing company, have comprehensive liability insurance for the re-leasing activity and the equipment to be rented again. In addition, a clear agreement is drawn up between the car owner and the subleasing company, which defines insurance matters and compensation issues, e.g. in situations where insurance compensation policy is unclear.

Before the final decision to accept the car for rental, we check the car and test drive it. If you are interested in renting your car to us, get in touch and we will make an offer.

Contact information below:

Atte Raita